Warm Music

Uplevelling all growth levers to triple revenue

"He came in, and he started to understand our users, our market, and our product. At the first meeting, we already had strategies to move forward and manage our growth for the rest of the year. So in that way, he basically up-leveled all the growth levers so we could move forward with tripling our revenue goal.” - Vítek Linhart




Retention Analysis

Growth Strategy

Growth Modelling

User Psychology

Growth Loops

Growth Process

Acquisition Channel Strategy

Pricing Strategy

Retention Loops

Acquisition Loops

Retention Strategy

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the mission

WARM - World Airplay Radio Monitor. Using WARM platform and app, independent musicians, songwriters and producers can monitor in real-time any song that is played on radio stations worldwide. They are by far the biggest and widest radio monitoring service on the market.

My mission? WARM were looking for help with their referral program but ended up wanting help with their entire growth architecture.

My approach needed to be comprehensive and cohesive, impacting customer touchpoints from signup to online experience and everything in between.

Associated Consultant: Yngvi Karlson Vatnhamar, Founder & Managing Partner at Morph Capital were brought onboard to assist on this assignment.

The Impact

  • Acquiring more right-fit customers, and a more scalable growth strategy.
  • Reduced their customer acquisition costs.
  • Improved their pricing strategy, to increase profits.
  • Built stronger retention and engagement loops.
  • Increased customer referrals, and revenue per account.

Developing the Strategy

I sat down with CEO Jesper Skibsby and Vítek Linhart, Head of Product in Q4 2019, to help them out with their upcoming referral program. Over a few meetings, I surfaced multiple challenges that WARM faced and we decided to expand the engagement to a unified growth strategy. In the process, I learned about the needs and goals of the business and its customers. This became the foundation for the growth strategy engagement.

Understanding the Users, Product, Market and Model

WARM is a community first. It’s the haven for fans obsessed with music. To understand the needs of these customers, we created unique user profiles to represent the range of personas. This painted a clear picture of their demographics, psychographics, needs and wants.

Collaborative Work Session 1

"He came in, and he started to understand our users, our market and our product. On the first meeting, we already had strategies to move forward and manage our growth for the rest of the year. So in that way, he basically upleveled all the growth levers so we could move forward with tripling our revenue." - Vítek Linhart

In order for us to fully understand the problem that WARM solves, as well as the reasons for why users choose to search and use a solution like WARM, we decided to do a collaborative work session around their personas. In the end, getting attention, retention, monetization and everything in between has roots in the psychology of their users. Something that I apply across all touchpoints and strategic recommendations.

Defining Acquisition and Retention Metrics

Through a series of exercises in the strategy session, we were able to extract and refine the key pillars of their product and user behavior.

Basically, I want to base my strategic advice on both qualitative and quantitative reasoning.

Discovering Opportunities

"Nicki came in and showed us growth marketing. We started retaining more users, and our referral loops started to work properly." - Vítek Linhart

Together with WARM, we defined and identified multiple opportunities and ideas for growth.

Collaborative Work Session 2

Together, using a fast paced, user centric, and facilitated framework, we identified potential acquisition and retention loops which was used to accelerate the strategic process and build consensus throughout the entire engagement.

Architecting the Strategic Plan

"I was skeptical, because I thought that he was all about the quick hacks and tricks, but it was all about building the foundational growth architecture for us. The whole skepticism fell down. It was not about a short term thing, but a long term thing, and that was really what we were looking for." - Vítek Linhart

Based on all intel gathered, inputs, existing programs and initiatives, stakeholder input, customer research, industry trends, retention and acquisition data we felt confident in providing strategic guidance and advice.

By analysing the intel and applying our own strategic frameworks we defined and architected a comprehensive, systematic and deterministic growth strategy.

Collaborative Work Session 3

We presented the strategy in an collaborative way to ensure that all questions got answered and to ensure that WARM felt like they had all the information to take action on the strategy.

Teaching and Implementation

"He teaches the companies, so that he doesn't have to be there, he enables you to improve and implement the strategy by yourself." - Vítek Linhart

We helped guide their tracking setup and which metrics to measure, develop their core strategic thought, identify emotions, logics, motivations and rewards that they should apply everywhere in the customer journey.

We trained WARM in building growth loops and running a growth process with rapid experimentation, minimum viable tests, systems and processes to run a lead and systemic growth team.


I will let this quote and the case video speak for it self.

"If I measure how fast we've already started growing since we started implementing the strategy, it's definitely worth the money - and the thing is, that he sets it in place once and it just grows exponentially. So the more you grow, the more you get out of it." - Vítek Linhart