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How i work

My Process

1. Understand user behaviour

How do you currently grow? We need to get aligned on a shared definition of how your product currently grows and where you want to go with it. We need to get a firm understanding of your current situation in regards to your market, audience, channels, product and business model.

2. Find gaps & improve experience

What are some possible paths to your goal? Instead of randomly testing, we must be methodical about how we construct our acquisition strategy, and before we can dive deeper into Activation, Engagement, and Resurrection, we need to define and analyze our outputs first. This will make it easier to understand our inputs and how to move them.

3. Create delightful moments

How will you sustain growth over the long term?. The problem we will be trying to solve is constructing and managing a 1-3 year strategy that you can use to go full forward. I will help you define and design this strategy in practical and easily understandable steps.

4. Communicate product suggestions

What are the steps to take? Fundamentally all parts of growth are living, breathing, dynamic systems – they get bigger, they get smaller, they become more or less responsive over time, and they change course – and you have to adapt your strategy, or risk your chances for long term growth. We will teach you how to implement and improve upon the strategy over time.

The product audits

Examples (all in Danish)

low hanging fruits waiting

It started this Christmas

We were all locked down, and I had extra time at hand...

So I decided to launch a Christmas Calendar, where I did product audits for fun and posted them online.

It was a great success!

After a couple of videos (the ones above), I flooded in companies wanting to pay for an audit.

So now, I've decided to offer it publicly.

€1300 €699 until 1 of May

Nicki Friis


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- An honest 30-60 min walkthrough of a core flow
- Suggestions for improvement with arguments
- The video file and the presentation file
- Any design files used for suggestions (if any)

tel: +45 89801090
Copenhagen, Denmark