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The first months of a software startup nowadays...

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Nicki Friis

The first months of a software startup nowadays typically begin something like this…

Beginning with the exploration phase, testing channels, audiences and, “product-market-fit”.

Then typically (I’ve experienced this myself twice), they get their first $500k investment…

Now, especially in the valley, startups try to hire as many good people as they possibly can and then spend the rest of their money on exploring growth channels like Facebook ads.

As the runway disappears, this attitude quickly evaporates.

Things are now getting serious - and the startup needs too promptly figure out, which channel(s) they need to focus on.

Often in today’s world, many startups realize that they have to pivot their entire product - and the marketing team will likely be the first one to getting kicked out of the door.

When companies approach me, it’s typically because they want to figure out how to scale their acquisition efforts - however, most often the companies have little funds left - because they actually have a product-market fit problem.

My advice is always, figure out if your product is working by flattening your retention curve - and then build acquisition efforts on top.