Acquisition Channel Strategy

The branding curse word, helps growth!

Nicki Friis

I hear growth marketers call #Branding a curse word…

But it actually helps #Growth!!!

Growth marketers often work on direct response marketing and not brand marketing.

It’s faster, easier to measure, and thus optimize.

Also, it’s typically expensive to invest in branding.

Branding does however have incredible valuable effects…

It builds trust, and trust increases conversions.

And a good brand makes you more likable and sharable.

❓But how can a growth marketer use this?❓

1. Communicate your products/solutions unique angle actively.
2. Align your visual style with your brand.
3. Develop stories that strengthen your brand.
4. Create products that align with your brand.
5. Write copy than strengthen your brand.

Whatever you do - it either strengthens or weakens your brand image.

You need to constantly look out for disconnects and if something is conflicting with your branding.

Then you’ll slowly grow towards a company that people understand better and trust more.

That will give you higher conversion rates because people know whether they’re aligned with your brand or not.

And such branding can help you drive growth.