New product alert - Glue sticks, glue tubes, and more...

Nicki Friis

New product alert - Glue sticks, glue tubes, and more...

Joke aside, I want to talk about product stickiness 🖍

Engagement drives stickiness -> stickiness drives retention -> retention drives growth.

Sticky products stick. They make your users come back.


And again...

But how do you build it into your product?

One way to approach this is to think about the central reason for why someone would engage with your product.

Before anything else, you need to make your core action as awesome as possible.

When you have identified the core action that users want to take when using your product, then you can try to build daily rituals around it.

Think of the ways you use LinkedIn...

You log-in.
Check notifications.
Scrolls through the feed.
Like and comment on interesting posts.

Slowly nudging you into building a habit - just like all the other apps, where we experience FOMO.

The fastest-growing companies - tries to "lock" you in by making you invest in their product - which makes it harder for you to switch.

Think of customizing your LinkedIn profile, getting recommendations, endorsements - and posting a lot of cool articles here. All of this makes it hard for you to switch to a competing product.