Acquisition Channel Strategy

Marketing channels follow a power-law heuristic

Nicki Friis

The legendary venture capitalist, Peter Thiel said:

"Most businesses get zero distribution channels to work.

If you can get one channel to work, you have a great business.

If you try for several but don’t nail one, you’re finished."

Marketing channels follow a power-law heuristic.

80 to 90 percent of your marketing results will come from one single channel.

All the other channels basically don’t yield much of a return.

The "one channel" will be different for different businesses, and it might change over the lifetime of a business.

For starters: the “little bit of everything” approach to marketing doesn’t really work.

It doesn’t work if you do a $500 worth of paid ads, and write 2 blog posts, and jump on a podcast interview once in a while.

That’s just a waste of effort.

Instead… it’s essential that you find your "one channel"… and focus most of your efforts there.

That means that once you’ve found it, you stop investing heavily in other channels… and funnel all that energy into optimizing your home-run winner.

So, what's your "one channel"?