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How do you determine whether a product is sticky?

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Is it sticky?

How do you determine whether a product is sticky?

What is stickiness?

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It's a term that is often used in the software world to determine how long a client will use a particular product, (also known as customer retention).

The stickier a software product is, the longer the client will continue using it.

A good way to determine whether a product is sticky or not is to ask yourself if it would be difficult or painful for a client to stop using it.

Your goal is to try and build stickiness into your software by design, in a positive way that provides ongoing value to your clients.

A good example is Trustpilot.

Because they collect ratings and reviews for their clients and syndicate those reviews to Google, Yahoo, and Bing, the more reviews they help their clients collect, the more difficult it becomes for their clients to discontinue the service.

Their clients inherently understand this but are fine with it because of the value Trustpilot provides.