Growth marketing" and Enterprise, does it work?

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Nicki Friis

I am often asked... "Growth marketing" and Enterprise, does it work?

Why shouldn't it?

The defensive moats that legacy enterprise software companies used to have due to high switching costs are disappearing at a faster and faster rate.

Old school contract structures are no longer the go-to solution as we require more flexibility in this new and accelerated digital environment - where the top provider today, might be the legacy provider of tomorrow.

Even the technical integration defense is slowly evaporating with new ways of zapping with APIs.

Today, the switching costs are so low that they are merely logistical. If you try to implement Slack today, but it isn't adopted, you can switch to Teams tomorrow at almost no cost.

At my own companies, we received Requests for Proposals (RFPs) on a weekly basis - but in today's world, procurement is measured more and more on post-purchase success like engagement metrics rather than just ticking off a long checklist.

Enterprise products have a unique set of growth levers that consumer products do not.

You know them well: Business processes, migrations, and integrations, employee events, compliance, and policies.

What is new, however, is how you should align them to consumer growth strategies in order for you to grow.