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Hi, I'm Nicki and I'm NO "Growth Hacker". I help startups and scaleups:

✓ Activate and retain users long-term to increase LTV
✓ Acquire users through systems at a much lower CAC
✓ Upgrade users, earn more per user & improve ROI
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Vítek Linhart,

We at WARM were in need of not just hacks but a system to develop our current and future growth.

Since the first meeting, we knew exactly what we would be getting by working with Nicki, and we were right. When we were a couple meetings and workshops in, we could already see the value behind having a proper, scalable strategy and start with first experiments. Everything was tailored to our needs and we can only recommend.

Vítek Linhart
Victor Bergholt,

Nicki helped us define our overall marketing strategy, centered around our growth model that they assisted us in building and optimizing. This guidance helped us close our funding and lays the foundation for our future growth.

Furthermore, through analysis of our business case, Nicki has helped us gain a better understanding of our user's pain and how we can address those through our product.

Victor Bergholt
Jesper Juel Jensen,

Nicki is an impressive growth and marketing professional with whom it has been a pleasure and an honor to collaborate. (...)

We receive more sales qualified leads than ever before, our SEO metrics are improving, and overall, the people in our Sales team feel supported and it has become easier to exceed our sales KPIs. Before allocating your budget, I highly recommend having a chat with him. He might surprise you.

Jesper Juel Jensen
Lulu Keszler,

The workshop was great! I feel I learned a lot and think that this was great for our whole team! I'm excited to see what types of ideas and growth will come from this.

Looking forward to working with you again in the future!

Lulu Keszler
Kate Butko,

The best business coach - Nicki helped growing my baby Ninetales.

We were in need of a way to scale our acquisition strategy - not just did Nicki help us think in growth systems, but he also helped improve our retention rate.

Kate Butko
Evalyn Oloo,

After engaging with Nicki we are much more confident and certain in our growth strategy! He has helped empower our marketing team to build smarter and better. We're super pleased with the work and are sure we will succeed based on this.

Evalyn Oloo
Nice to meet you.

Hey, I'm Nicki, strategist and specialist

Hi, my name is Nicki Friis and before I built my growth advisory firm I helped start &, and scale them to a team of ≈ 20. Both companies are still growing, and I still hold shares in both as well as and

I became an advisor because I wanted to do nothing but growing businesses in multiple industries and markets. I now help ambitious digital companies like yours build growth strategies that acquire, retain and monetize more customers.

I work with platform scale-ups. Does your business model look anything like Facebook, Dropbox, Airbnb, Uber, Slack, Google, Amazon, Spotify, The New York Times, Tesla, Tinder or Peloton? Then we’re a great fit.

Nicki Friis

How i work

My Process

1. Discovery

How do you currently grow? We need to get aligned on a shared definition of how your product currently grows and where you want to go with it. We need to get a firm understanding of your current situation in regards to your market, audience, channels, product and business model.

2. Analyze & Define

What are some possible paths to your goal? Instead of randomly testing, we must be methodical about how we construct our acquisition strategy, and before we can dive deeper into Activation, Engagement, and Resurrection, we need to define and analyze our outputs first. This will make it easier to understand our inputs and how to move them.

3. Strategize

How will you sustain growth over the long term?. The problem we will be trying to solve is constructing and managing a 1-3 year strategy that you can use to go full forward. I will help you define and design this strategy in practical and easily understandable steps.

4. Teach & Implement

What are the steps to take? Fundamentally all parts of growth are living, breathing, dynamic systems – they get bigger, they get smaller, they become more or less responsive over time, and they change course – and you have to adapt your strategy, or risk your chances for long term growth. We will teach you how to implement and improve upon the strategy over time.


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