We help you acquire, retain and monetize more customers.


We help ambitious digital companies like yours build growth strategies that acquire, retain and monetize more customers. Strategies that make you sustain profitability, scale faster and protect your turf from increasing competition.

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Quantitative Modelling

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Retention & Engagement

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User Psychology

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Growth Models

Understanding your business model lays a solid foundation for our work and is important for our focus.

We’ll get a thorough understanding of your product, current business model and how your product currently grows.

What retention and acquisition metric makes sense for your business and how should you track it?

Everything can be tracked but that doesn’t mean everything should be monitored. We’ll help you focus on the key metrics that are important for the growth of your company.

Effort: 3 days

User Psychology

With our questions and your answers, we get to understand your user's natural behavior and create assumptions for growth.

Who are they, why do they use your product? Through discussions with you, we’ll learn more about what emotions and core desires to focus on.

Together we’ll do a brainstorming session on potential growth triggers. After all, you guys know more about your industry and users than we do. This will be led by us and is extremely valuable for the final output.

Gathering more insights on your industry, users. Enough so that our work is possible and provides real value.

Effort: 4 days

Processes And Teams

After defining how and why your product will grow we need to get down to the day to day handling of experimentation. We’ll define a framework that is relevant to your company.

All relevant employees will be training in how to work with a proper growth process. A true machine for growth.

A list of competence mix and people we believe is optimal for your growth team.

A simple prioritization of what to implement and who to hire first.

Effort: 2 days

Growth Strategy


Educational workshops
- You need to be able to sustain and improve your models.

A one-page visual strategy for understanding and communication
- You need your people to be onboard your growth strategy.

Detailed strategy for you to use and modify over time
- A step by step strategy for how to grow your business

Growth Roadmap/Prioritizations
- A tactical plan for your product and growth team

Team recommendations
- You need the optimal operational structure

Overall tactical recommendations
- A plan for what you can implement right away

Follow up workshop/training session if needed
- We are only successful if you are.

A Ready to implement Growth Strategy

Effort: 12 days


WARM hired us to collaborate on their entire growth strategy. This was a month long engagement.

We at WARM were in need of not just hacks but a system to develop our current and future growth.

Since the first meeting, we knew that that would be exactly what we would be getting with NICQI and we were right. Couple more meetings and workshops in and we could already see the value behind having a proper, scalable strategy and start with first experiments. Everything was tailored to our needs and we can only recommend.

Vítek Linhart, hired us to help them improve their overall growth. This was a month long engagement.

The people at NICQI are impressive growth and marketing professionals with whom it has been a pleasure and an honor to collaborate. (...)

We receive more sales qualified leads than ever before, our SEO metrics are improving, and overall, the people in our Sales team feel supported and it has become easier to exceed our sales KPIs. Before allocating your budget, I highly recommend having a chat with them. They might surprise you.

Jesper Juel Jensen,

iCAMP hired us for a workshop on building a qualitative growth model to improve acquisition and retention.

The workshop was great! I feel I learned a lot and think that this was great for our whole team! I'm excited to see what types of ideas and growth will come from this.

Looking forward to working with you again in the future!

Lulu Keszler,

Ninetales hired us for a workshop on building a qualitative growth model to improve acquisition and retention.

The best business coach - NICQI helped growing my baby Ninetales.

We were in need of a way to scale our acquisition strategy - not just did NICQI help us think in growth systems, but they also helped improve our retention rate.


Climaider reached out for advise on their overall growth and marketing strategy. We helped tie it all together with low cost compounding factors.

NICQI helped us define our overall marketing strategy, centred around our growth model that they assisted us in building and optimizing. This guidance helped us close our funding and lays the foundation for our future growth.

Furthermore, through analysis of our business case, NICQI has helped us gain a better understanding of our user's pain and how we can address those through our product.

Victor Bergholt,

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